CAERC Consortium Meetings

Business Meetings

Monthly Business Meetings are held from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.

Date Location Documents
8/7/19 SCOE Board Room Agenda
(116k PDF)
9/4/19SCOE Mather RoomAgenda
(116k PDF)
10/2/19 SCOE Board Room
11/13/19 SCOE, Room C
12/4/19SCOE Mather Room
1/8/20 SCOE Mather Room
2/5/20 SCOE Mather Room
3/4/20 SCOE Mather Room
4/1/20 SCOE Mather Room
5/6/20 SCOE Mather Room
6/3/20 SCOE Mather Room

Working Meetings

Immediately following each Business Meeting, Working Meetings will take place from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. These will include activities such as regional collaboration, presentations, and 3-year planning.

Date Location Working Meeting Topic
8/7/19 SCOE Board Room Changes to CAEP for 2019-20,
9/4/19 SCOE Mather Room Career and Technical Education, Pre-apprenticeship, Integrated Education and Training
10/2/19 SCOE Board Room Community Resources
11/13/19 SCOE, Room C Regional Partners
12/4/19 SCOE Mather Room API between Adult Ed and Workforce
1/8/20 SCOE Mather Room Instruction
2/5/20 SCOE Mather Room Regional Partners
3/4/20 SCOE Mather Room Network of Transitions Navigators
4/1/20 SCOE Mather Room Regional Partners
5/6/20 SCOE Mather Room New Administrators
6/3/20 SCOE Mather Room Annual Plan 2020-21

Meeting Locations

  • SCOE Mather/Board Room:
    10474 Mather Blvd., Mather CA. 95655

  • SCOE Conference Center:
    3661 Whitehead St., Suite 100, Mather CA. 95655