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Our consortium’s database-driven online tool,, originally conceived as the Asset Map and Pathways Roadmap, is designed to accurately list the adult education programs and pathways in the region. Adult learners are able to search for and find programs and services provided by CAERC members and partners. The goal is to increase access to programs and information in the region to current and new adult learners, a strategy that promotes Consortium-wide collaboration and fosters a shared online presence in our community. Consortium members update the classes and programs on a regular basis, multiple times a year.

Adult learners and partners in the community are able to:

  • Find nearby classes and view maps
  • Learn how to register for classes
  • Learn about services available from Consortium organizations
  • Access site on mobile devices
  • View multilingual text

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Sacramento County Office of Education
PO Box 269003
Sacramento, CA 95826