CAERC Partners

Capital Adult Education Regional Consortium

CAERC Partners

The Capital Adult Education Regional Consortium (CAERC) includes 24 partners representing community-based organizations within the Los Rios Community College District (LRCCD) service area including Amador County, a geographical area not currently served by a California Community College District. CAERC partners serve in an advisory capacity and are invited and encouraged to participate in all Consortium events and meetings.

Partner Contacts

  1. Alta California Regional Center
    Olivia Procida, Manager of Community Services

  2. Asian Resources, Inc.
    Stephanie Nguyen, Executive Director

  3. Black Oak Mine Unified School District
    Dr. Robert Williams, Superintendent

  4. Building Skills Partnership
    Sylvia Romo, Sacramento Program Coordinator

  5. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
    Shannon Swain, Deputy Superintendent, Office of Correctional Education

  6. California Department of Developmental Services
    Denyse Curtright, Chief, Work Services Section

  7. California Human Development
    Paul Castro, Program Director

  8. California State Library
    Greg Lucas, State Librarian

  9. College and Career Readiness
    Jackie White, Assistant Superintendent

  10. El Dorado County Library
    Jeanne Amos, County Librarian

  11. El Dorado Union High School District
    Steven Wehr, Superintendent

  12. Futures Explored, Inc.
    Will Sanford, Executive Director

  13. Greater Sacramento Urban League
    Kevin Daniel, Vice President

  14. La Familia Counseling Center
    David Banuelos

  15. Mexican Consulate
    Selene Barceló, Consul

  16. Outreach and Technical Assistance Network - OTAN
    Renee Collins, Director

  17. Sacramento Employment and Training Agency - SETA
    Roy Kim, Deputy Director

  18. Sacramento ESL Program
    Margo Sterling, President

  19. Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services
    Max Villalva, Adult Education Program Manager

  20. Sacramento Job Corps
    Melissa Kaye, Business & Community Liaison

  21. Sacramento Public Library Authority
    Peter Coyl, Library Director

  22. Valley Vision
    Renee John

  23. Yolo County Library
    Patty Wong, County Librarian

  24. Yolo County Office of Education
    Lori Perez, Coordinator of College and Career Readiness and Transitions