CAERC Resources

Data Dictionary
(302k PDF)
Identifies the data elements and requirements for enrollment into the AEBG programs.

Example Student Intake Form
(137k PDF)
Example provided by AEBG for K-12 district/COE, community colleges, and consortia to customize for its use.

Governor's Budget Summary 2015-2016
(2.3 MB PDF)
This document summarizes the Governor's budget proposal for 2015-2016.

Investing in English Skills: The Limited English Proficient Workforce in U.S. Metropolitan Areas
By Jill H. Wilson
Metropolitan Policy Program at BROOKINGS
September, 2014

(4.6 MB PDF)
This report examines the metropolitan geography of the working-age limited English proficient population and their labor force characteristics. It offers evidence for the economic benefits of investing in adult English instruction and presents data useful for tailoring interventions to the specific characteristics of an area's LEP population. It concludes with some options for enhancing investment in adult English instruction through increased funding, targeted outreach, and instructional innovations.

Critical Choices in Post-Recession California: Investing in the Educational and Career Success of Immigrant Youth
By Sarah Hooker, Margie McHugh and Michael Fix
June, 2014

(2.5 MB PDF)
This report examines the educational experiences and outcomes of first- and second-generation immigrant youth ages 16 to 26 across California’s educational institutions, encompassing secondary schools, adult education, and postsecondary education. ELLs are a central focus of the analysis at all levels, as this group has unique educational needs. The findings draw from qualitative fieldwork—including interviews with educators and community leaders in California—and quantitative analyses of the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau and state education agencies.

Beyond the GED – Promising Models for Moving High School Dropouts to College
By Elizabeth Zachry Rutschow and Shane Crary-Ross
January, 2014

Nearly 39 million adults in the United States do not have a high school diploma. Roughly two-thirds of them eventually obtain a high school equivalency credential like the General Educational Development (GED) certificate, with the hope of then obtaining a job. But in today’s changing economy, possessing a GED certificate, while helpful for finding employment, often isn’t enough and many GED recipients will continue to struggle in the labor market. Postsecondary education is also helpful to improve their employment prospects, but fewer than five percent of GED recipients go on to enroll in college or other adult education programs.

College and Career Readiness (CCR)
Standards for Adult Education

By Susan Pimentel, prepared by MPR Associates, Inc.
April 1, 2013

(3 MB PDF)
The work is the result of a nine-month process that examined the Common Core State Standards from the perspective of adult education. It was funded to provide a set of manageable yet significant CCR standards that reflect broad agreement among subject matter experts in adult education about what is desirable for adult students to know to be prepared for the rigors of postsecondary education and training.

CAERC August 6, 2014 Meeting Presentations

  • A Brief History of Adult Education in California (18 MB PDF)
    California has a rich history of providing adult education services. This presentation offers an overview of California Adult Education since the formation of the first adult school in 1856 through the era of decline beginning in 2008. Included is information about the mixed provider delivery system, literacy rates in California and Sacramento County, and a new vision for the future.

  • Overview of AB 86 Planning Grants (331k PDF)
    This presentation provides a snapshot of AB 86 legislation, guiding principles, overall objectives, definitions, and program areas being addressed. Also included is information about important due dates for various reports to the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office and the California State Legislature.

  • CAERC Regional Comprehensive Plan (Completed-to-Date) Summary (565k PDF)
    This presentation highlights CAERC member data collected for Objective 1 in each of the key five content subject areas. Also provided is an overview of the seven AB 86 planning objectives and important due dates for subsequent reports.